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Full Interviews

Marta Gredler interviews Bernadette Merrullo
Bernadette Merullo
Charles Coe interviewed by Daniel Johnson.
Charles Coe
David Corney Interviewed by Lyra O’Brien.
David Dorney 
Dianne Walker interviewed by Jai Underhill-Johnson
Dianne “Lady Di” Walker
Marta Gredler Interviews Dorothea Keeling
Dorothea Keeling 
Alyssa Altman Interviews Fred Altman
Fred Altman
Jai under Hill Johnson, interviewed by Marta Gredler
Jai Underhill-Johnson
Maureen O’Connor interviews John Vines
John Vines
Mary Vines (Interviewed by her son, John Vines)
John Vines (Interviews mother, Mary Vines)
Mary Vines
Maureen Reen interviewed by Marta Gredler.
Maureen Reen
Maureen O’Connor interviews Michael Powell
Michael Powell
Marsha Bennet interviews Olive Knight
Olive Knight
Sixto Tito Ayala, interviewed by Zilma Gonzalez Acaba
Tito Ayala

You can find these recordings along with the transcripts at the Boston Archives.